September 25, 2008

Chicken with poppy and white polenta

Poppy, deep black grated poppy seeds. I wanted to inculde them in today's lunch and combine with white polenta. I want to cook since long a black and white dish, but so far I have not found it, also not today. Anyway this dish is an insane(?) idea of mine, well some might say it is insane, but it is totally delicious! To me poppy needs sweetness or something fruity. I found some oranges that inspired me to make orange chicken breats with poppy crust and white polenta with a light rosemary touch and to have something savoury I improvised a pecornio sauce. Next time when I cook this for lunch, the only thing I am going to change is that I spread the crust thinner, because less is more!

2 chicken breasts
2 oranges
cayenne pepper
1 handful of grated poppy seeds
juice of one orange

1 tablespoon honey
600 ml chicken stock
125 g white polenta
1 rosemary twig
1 shallot
100 ml white wine
150 ml chicken stock

chunk of pecorino
30-35 ml heavy cream
salt, pepper

Half chicken breasts, salt, rub in with cayenne pepper and let is marinate in orange juice for about 30-40 minutes. Fry from both sides in butter and set aside. Mix grated poppy with orange juice, honey, and a pinch of salt and spread it on the breasts. Put some butter on each and let the oven do the rest on 180°C for 20-25 minutes. Cook chicken stock and add polenta,
cook for 40 minutes, while stirring constantly on lowest heat with the rosemary twig. Heat butter, add chopped shallot, white wine, stock and let it reduce. Sieve, add pecorino and heavy cream, season with salt and pepper.


Finla said...

Indeed the colours are nice, i have nevr made anything like this, but it looks so delicious

Marcsi said...

Hippp-hipppp hurrá!!!!
Ráleltem a magyar blogra is. Üdv.

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