March 9, 2010

French Toast

French toast is probably one of the most delicious sweet breakfasts, I guess I prefer it even more than pancakes. Usually, I dip a slice of leftover braided bread in a mixture of egg, cream and some vanilla paste, and after it is fried I serve it with maple syrup. Yesterday, I decided to try something else and prepared some Marsala butter. It was a lovely breakfast together with slices of orange, chopped pecans and a touch of maple syrup.

100 g butter
100 g sugar
3-4 tablespoons Marsala (or anything else you prefer)

Place the butter in a mixing bowl and whip until fluffy. Gradually add the sugar while the mixer is still runing. Slowly add the Marsala and whisk until combined. Serve or store in the fridge.


Houdini said...

Die je 100 g Butter und Zucker sind für 2 Personen gerechnet? Dann muss ich nur vom Lesen bereits für 1 Std ins Gym.

chriesi said...

Nei gar nöd! :) Ich nur so viel gmacht, damit i uf vorrat han.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I can't resist French Toast! Yours looks mighty scrumptious!



Shari said...

This looks like over-the-top French Toast. And you have photographed it beautifully!!

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