December 14, 2011

Orange flavoured Beetroot Waffles

Well, waffles again! I could not resist to try another version using beetroot juice. A friend of mine brought the idea to replace milk with beet juice. As beets and oranges are just great together, I decided to add some freshly squezzed orange juice to the batter among some zest. The colour is just amazing, agree? By the way, if you want double the amount of sugar, because I reduced it, after all it is sweet enough once it is served with syrup.

200 g flour
60 g butter
40 g sugar
2 eggs
1,5 teaspoon baking powder
200 ml beetroot juice
100 ml orange juice
zest of an orange

Melt butter over low heat. Mix together flour, sugar, baking powder and the eggs. Add beet and orange juice and stir until smooth. Stir in the orange zest and bake waffles.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Great clicks and pretty waffles!



chriesi said...

Thank you! ;)

sybille said...

Which one did taste better, puree or juice?
The colour of the juice version looks more intensiv. Right?

chriesi said...

Well, I would say the best is if you add juice and puree, then you have the ultimate beetkick! ;) Besides the chocolate version had also tonka bean, so therefore it is a complete different version.

Jess said...

Emily Henderson just featured these on her blog! They look delicious!

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