April 5, 2011

Poached Turbot with Leek Puree, Fried Potato and Purslane Velouté

Probably, the most inspiring ingredient for me is fish, maybe except beets. As soon as I choose the fish in the store, I already have plans about the dish, and I always try to prepare something that is worthy to be served among that gorgeous animal. My family prefers to eat fish fried just among a slice of bread, or if it has to be then they take fish and chips. On the other side if I serve it differently, they always love it and ask for more. However often I cook fish only for myself, just like yesterday. This time, I had no idea what and how to cook, I only knew, that I gotta use the purslane, as it was not very fresh anymore. Right before serving, I decided to poach the fish, instead of frying. The potatoes do not sound spectacular, but it takes a while to make them. First I cooked them over very low heat in duck fat, then fried them in butter and seasoned. For the sauce I made a velouté and added the pursalne to it. Leek and fish is always great together, so I cooked leek with a potatoes and made a puree. That's it! Simple, light and yummy!

15 g butter
15 g flour
500 ml cold fish stock
100-150 g purslane
salt, pepper

Prepare a white roux: melt butter, stir in the flour. Pour fish stock over it while whisking and cook for 30 minutes, stir it once in a while. Season with salt, pepper and add purslane and puree. Adjust seasoning if needed.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Oh, that presentation is so pretty! A stunning dish.



Alina---Explora Cuisine said...

Lovely food design!!!

chriesi said...

Thank you! I am glad you like it! :)

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