July 5, 2011

Sole with Fava Bean Puree, Saffron Kohlrabi and Anise Hollandaise

It seems, that lately desserts dominate my cooking, so it was time for a change and to let myself go in the kitchen. I was afraid, that I have lost all my inspiraton, but luckily, I was wrong. Even my ideas that I wrote down weeks ago felt stupid and nonsense. Besides, lately I have cooked childhood favourites, like potato salad, lángos, pea soup or pancakes. No fancy food can ever take the place of an old favourite, no matter how flavourful it is. Besides during this very warm period I did not feel like standing for long time in the kitchen over the steaming pots.

By the way, I have restarted the project for emptying the freezer, and finally I can see the bottom of the shelves. Only one is full with food for my dog, because her freezer is almost exploding with a lot of yummy stuff for her. Such as paunch, beef liver and kidney, udder and so on. So I had to move the bones and the treats into ours. But beside that, there is only some frozen stock, Hungarian kolbász (sausage) and peas. So that is going to be easy to get it finally empty. Even today's lunch comes straight from the freezer. Sole with broad bean puree, saffron kohlrabi and anise flavoured sauce Hollandaise.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Very restaurant-like and so appetizing!



Ellie said...

I cannot get to the recipe for this and the Anise Hollandaise really has me intrigued!! Am I missing it somewhere? :)

chriesi said...

@Rosa: Thank you!

@Ellie: I haven't posted it, because it was a completly spontanious recipe. The Hollandaise is easy. I have prepared it as a classic hollandaise, but I have added anise seeds to the molten butter, and infused it for about 10 minutes, then sieved it and whisked it into. That simply it is. And the possibilites for other flavoured butters are endless. :)

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