April 27, 2012

Beetroot - Fresh Goat's Milk Cheese Mousse

Well, okay it is only half of the truth! In fact this mousse was served on a cardamom scented rhubarb jelly with blood orange juice and elderberry syrup and in coffee poached beetroot, elderberry vinegar marinated raw beet and walnut crumble. But the other half of notes that I made for the recipe has disapperaed and it is probably hanging around with those lost half socks somewhere in the cracks of the universe. So in order the save the recipe for the mousse I rather share it with you! I was lucky to recieve some long shaped beets from my mom so it was no question that I have to make something real pink! After all to me this kind of beet is the non plus ultra of all red beets. Oh yeah! 

200 g fresh goat's milk cheese
80 ml beet juice
2 sheets gelatin
100 ml cream
salt, pepper

Bring half of the beet juice to the boil with any type of herbs or spices you desire. Yeah, feel free and experiment! If you ask me, I would either suggest fennel seeds or rosemary with some honey. Both goes perfectly well with beet root and goat milk's cream cheese. With the rest of the juice puree the goat's milk cream cheese. Then dissolve the previously soaked gelatine sheets in the hot beet juice and mix it together with the pureed cream cheese. Finally fold in the beaten cream and season with salt and pepper. Chill for 2-3 hours.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

So pretty and surely very tasty!



Unknown said...

Beetroot is really so effective and also it is so testy so why not we should we eat or drink this.
Thank You,

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