January 16, 2009

Terrine Of Foie Gras & Port Wein Jelly

There was some leftover foie gras in the freezer that I did not want to keep longer so I searched for a recipe in The Cook's Book. I decided to combine it with port wein jelly, chocolate toast and raspberry ananas with chili. It was a nice combination. I baked again the toast bread myself and this time I was very happy with the form and the taste was just as delicious as the last time.

500 g foie gras
fresh nutmeg

70 ml port wein
25 ml cognac

Slice foie gras lenght when it is still cold. Remove as many large veins as possible. Arrange slices in a terrine dish and season slices with nutmeg, thyme, port wein and cognac. Keep on doing this until you used all. Let it marinate for 5 hours. After heat oven to 150°C and cook in a bain-marie for 20 minutes. After put a weight of 150 g on top of the ready terrine and let it cool that way. For the port wein jelly cook 150 ml port wein with 1 tablespoon sugar and 2
gelatine leaves, let it cool and jelly. Cover toast pieces with molten dark chocolate and place a pistachio on top.

For the ananas melt sugar, add ananas and some raspberry vinegar, reduce, stir in chopped mint, sliced chili and let it cool.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What a refined presentation and a fantastic combination!



Anonymous said...

ein festliches Essen zur Bekämpfung des Januarlochs :-)

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