May 9, 2009

Green Fir Honey

It was an experiement and it turned out great! I love the taste of the "green fir honey" it is only a bit resinous and has a nice aroma. Of course it has nothing to do with real honey. Mine has the consistence somewhere between a syrup and honey. I didn't want to cook it too thick, because that way I have more possibilities for using. I haven't collected wild shoots (I guess that is not even allowed) but got them from a friend who has some trees in her garden. The time to prepare this "honey" is in may, particularly at the end of the month. Among the "honey" I also cooked some lilac syrup and "jam" using the recipe of one of my favourite Hungarian blog.

100 g green fir shoots
250-300 ml water
juice of a 1/2 lemon
300 g sugar

Bring green fir shoots in water together with lemon juice to boil, after set aside and let it
stand for 30 minutes. Sieve and cook together with the honey to the consistence you desire.

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