May 7, 2009

Marans egg

Actually I always buy bio eggs, if I can't get them then I buy free range chicken eggs, but no other kind of egg can get into my pantry. Sometimes I see people still buying eggs from chickens kept in cages and I can only shake my head. Either they do not see what they have in their hands, or simply they just do not care about those miserable and sick animals and their way of "life". Not to mention that those eggs are also not healthy for us. The point is: simply stop buying eggs from chickens kept in cage! Usually I get my eggs from a small farm, but as they are small they do not always have. There I can be sure that those chicken are kept as they deserve to be. There is also a bigger one nearby, and you can see the chickens running around outside and eating fresh growing grass. The colour of the yolk depends on how they feed the chicken. If they are fed with wheat the egg is going to be pale yellow, if they eat maize the egg is going to have a deeper yellow colour. Sometimes they add artificial stuff to make the egg yolk have a deep yellow colour, however if you use those eggs and you plan to bake a sponge, you will notice, that as soon as you whisked the yolks with the sugar the batter will have almost no colour at all, and the result won't either be yellow or white. I prepared my ice cream using eggs of Marans chicken. The 1st and the 3rd egg is a Marans egg, the one in the middle is a normal one.

Marans eggs' shell has a caracteristic deep dark colour and spots. The colouring of the shell is related to the presence or absence of essential genetic factors. Its yolk is often firmer and has a rounder form than a traditional farm egg. However if I compare its taste to those farmer's egg I usually eat, I do not taste a huge difference. Compared to store bought bio eggs the
Marans eggs are a lot more intense in taste and in both cases the egg white is more delicate, at least for me.

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