January 27, 2011

Coconut Flavoured Beetroot Consommé

Well, I believe that a soup only deserves to be called a consommé, if it is cooked out of meat or fish and it is cleared by egg whites. If this is not the case, well then there is nothing to talk about. This soup doesn't even need to be cooked, well not really and no clearing with egg whites is required, but at least it is transparent. It is prepared very fast with very little work to do, but for sure it is going to impress your guests.

Finally, I have managed to buy a coconut that was not affected by mold. I prepared some coconut chips and this time I saved the water to cook with, instead of drinking it immediately. That box of leftover vegetable stock in the freezer was pretty handy to prepare this soup. By the way, I think some fried shrimps would go very well with it.

250 g beetroot
500 ml vegetable stock
1 piece of fresh ginger
1 teaspoon cumin
kb. 150 ml fresh coconut water
1 small beetroot
salt, pepper

Peel 250 g of beetroots and grate coarsly. Bring the vegetable stock together with the grated beetroot, ginger and cumin to the boil, then set aside and let it stand for 1-2 hours. Sieve and add coconut water and season with salt and pepper. Serve warm or cold with thinly sliced beetroot and fresh coconut.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Magnificent! What a gorgeous combo. This consommé must have a refined flavor.



chriesi said...

Merci beaucoup. :)

Faith said...

What a stunning consomme! Your addition of coconut water and coconut chips as garnish was a fantastic idea!

Shaheen said...

This is such an unusual and interesting combination.

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