January 14, 2011

Plain in Pigna

Today, I am here with another speciality from canton Graubünden in Switzerland, the so called Plain in Pigna. It is actually an oven baked rösti that contains a couple of different Swiss sausage specialities like Salsiz, Landjäger (smoked, raw beef and bacon sausage) or even Mostbröckli, that is a piece smoked and dried raw beef. There are a bunch of recipes in the net, and probably traditionally there is no egg or cheese in it, but in my case cheese is a must. Since years, I prepare this delicious dish according to the same recipe, I have only added a lot more cheese and reduced the baking time. As far as the meat part is concerned, well I always use leftovers, just like today.

500 g waxy potato
1/2 teaspoon butter
1 onion
50 g bacon
150-200 g different types of smoked sausages or dry cured ham
2 eggs

75 g flour
50 ml milk
70-100 g cheese (e.g. Gruyére)
salt, pepper

Preheat the oven to
200°C-ra. Sautee chopped onion in butter until glassy, add cubed bacon and fry for a few minutes. Mix flour with milk and the eggs, season. Stir in the cubed sausages, the cheese and the fried onion with the bacon. Stir in coarsly grated potato and bake in a cake pan for 35-40 minutes.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I heart this speciality fron Grisons! My boyfriend comes from there...



Anonymous said...

Meine Frau kommt auch von dort. Deshalb mag ich jede Plain in pigna. Auch wenn mehr Käse drin ist.

Houdini said...

You appear to be more Swiss than I, great recipe that I didn't know.

However, what apparently you don't know is that Mostbröckli, if original and properly named, is made of horse meat only.

chriesi said...

What a funny coincidence. :))

@Houdini: Yeah, I knew that with the horse meat, just did not want scare my readers. ;)

Faith said...

This recipe is new to me and I love how beautiful it is! Very hearty and filling too, for a delicious winter meal!

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