March 19, 2013

Waffles with cinnamon syrup

Sometimes a flavour or a fragrance just gets me going and I gotta get to the kitchen and preapare something with it. Today it was impossible to escape from the irrisistible spice: cinnamon. I was wondering around what I should make, should I bake or cook something spicy. Then I felt it that it has to be something velvety that strokes your throat, something that tastes intensly cinnamony and it is warm. So quickly I baked a couple of waffles and cooked a rich cinnamon syrup. Yum!

for the waffles:
150 g flour
70 ml milk
200 ml cream

2 tablespoons vanilla sugar
70 g butter
3 eggs
pinch of salt

for the syrup:
100 g cane sugar
100 g water
1/2 teaspoon cornstarch
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

For the waffles sift flour, add 1 tablespoon vanilla sugar, melted butter, egg yolks and a pinch of salt. Add milk and cream and whisk everything together, the result should be a smooth batter. Beat egg whites to stiff peaks with the leftover vanilla sugar and fold into the batter. Chill for 30 minutes then bake them in a waffle maker.

For the syrup bring cane sugar with cinnamon and water to the boil. Dissolve cornstarchin a little cold water and whisk to the boiling syrup. Cook for another minute. Be careful while doing it and please use a tall saucepan!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That sauce is awesome and the waffles look marvelous! I am a big lover of cinnamon.



chriesi said...

Well, then this syrup is for you! :)

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