February 15, 2011

Sweet and Sour Pumpkin

It happened that I have bought far too many pumpkins in autumn. The best proof of this is that I have used the last one only today. I had many plans with it, first I wanted to cook a soup, then a puree, after I had the idea of baking a cake, but somehow I never did any of these. Well, I did not dare to leave the pumpkin in the pantry any longer so finally I had to prepare something. I decided to make some kind of a preserve with a sweet and sour taste. Though I am not a fan of that, but I haven't tried in that way yet, so I was curious enough to go for it. After all pumpkin and orange is a great match and with some cinnamon you can't go wrong. I can't wait to try the pumpkin in a few days!


200 g pumpkin
500 ml water

300 g sugar
juice and zest of 2 oranges
juice and zest of 1 lemon
1/4 stick cinnamon
2 tablespoons apple vinegar
2 tablespoons white balsamic vinegar

Peel and deseed the pumpkin and cut in slices or small cubes. Bring the water together with the sugar and the rest of the ingredients over low heat to the boil. Let it cook for 10 minutes, then add the pumpkin and cook it for 2-3 more minutes. Fill it into jars and let it marinate for at least 2 days.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Delightful! What a wondeful recipe.



Faith said...

This is beautiful and I'm sure delicious!

German said...

Your recipes are great. I love the pummkin one. How you call this kind of pumkin?

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