February 9, 2010

Jamie Oliver's parsnip and ginger soup

It is so good, that root vegetables can be stored for such a long time! In the darkest corner of my fridge I found a bunch of parsnip roots, that I have been already looking for since a while (I was convinced, that they are on top of the potato basket). Anyway, I watched a pretty old cooking show of Jamie Oliver and that made me want to check out his books on my shelf. I found a ginger flavoured parsnip soup that made a perfect lunch today. I served it among some gorgonzola and fried San Daniele ham, but without coriander, as I had no. I must say my favourite ham was Parma ham, I like it a lot more than Pata Negra, though once in a while it is nice to enjoy that wonderful Spanish speciality with its characteristic flavour. But, ever since I had the first slice of San Daniele, well I can't get enough. However, it might be wrong from me to compare these wonderful products, because each of them is in a class of its own!

400 g parsnip
1 carrot
1 celery stalk
1 onion
1 piece of ginger (about 2 cm)
1 garlic clove
500 ml chicken or vegetable stock

Peel and chop the vegetables. Heat olive oil, add veggies and cook for 10 minutes in a half covered pot. Add stock and cook for another 10 minutes. Put it in a blender und pulse until it is smooth. Serve with coriander leaves, fried bacon or ham and any kind of cheese you desire.

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

At the moment, I'm eating lots of parsnips (recipe on Friday)... That soup is great!



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