February 14, 2010

Mezze - Daring Cooks

Believe it or not, but I have just put the first pita into the oven right before I started to type! I have never been so late with a challenge like now! I must confess, I was afraid of it. Why? Well, because of the chickpeas. I have tasted them only once in my life and I hated it. Okay, those came out of a can, and ever since then, I didn't bother to try them again. It was definitely a mistake! Thanks to this challenge, I bought them again, of course dried ones this time, and cooked this afternoon. I was absolutely curious about them, so as soon as they were cooked I tried one. Surprsingly, it tasted like chestnut and that strange taste of the canned ones was completly missing! So now I am thrilled about chickpea and can hardly wait to cook all those recipes, I set aside because of them! The 2010 February Daring COOKs challenge was hosted by Michele of Veggie Num Nums. Michele chose to challenge everyone to make mezze based on various recipes from Claudia Roden, Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Dugid. Unfortunatly, you can not even call my completed challenge a mezze, after all it is only the hummus and the pita but both tasted amazing! Thanks for this great challenge!


Houdini said...

I love chick peas since a long time, but also prefer the dried ones over the canned. Although, this is rather new for me. Until some months ago I always used the canned ones, for convenience easons, which I now regret, after I got to know the taste of the dried peas. Try them mixed with rice.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love chickpeas and always have... I'm glad this challenge made you change mind! Well done!



Marysol said...

I love the freshly-baked and perfectly puffed Pita in the forefront!

One thing you will always find in my fridge: Hummus. Pita bread gets made often too. But the hummus is a must, and is consumed on a regular basis. None of us seem to tire of it.

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