February 24, 2010

Potato, apple and liver

Actually, this dish is inspired by two liver meals I've posted earlier: the Swiss classical and an old improvisation of mine. From the first one I took the rösti and the sauce basis. From the other one the blue potatoes, sage and the fruit part, that turned out in the form of caramelised apples. But let's start at the begining.

First I fried the liver in olive oil among fresh sage, then I put it to the preheated oven (70°C) and left it there. I cooked the potatoes already the day before, so I left the rösti to fry over medium heat, while I started to make the shallots. Just peel and slice the shallot and fry it in the same pan, where you fried the liver before. Add some cognac and brown veal stock, reduce and season.

Melt sugar in a saucepan, add with the lemon sprinkled apple slices and coat it well with the caramel. Pour some lemon juice and water or some cidre over it, reduce and season with a touch of sumac. As soon as the rösti is ready, season liver with salt and pepper and serve it among the sauce and the apples. That's


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That liver is perfectly cooked. Very tempting!



Raindrop said...

Légyszíves mutasd meg a gumiorrút! :)
Email-ben is jöhet, vagy fenn vagyok az iwiw-en Reichenberger Erika.

Az ételeidet meg jelentesd meg egy szakácskönyben. :)

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