February 21, 2010


Gyros was originally introduced to Greece from Thessaloniki. There are several stories regarding its origin and many variations exist all over the world. I remember when I first read the word gyros, I was about 10 years old, and I was totally confused about it. There is the Hungarian word gyors, that means fast. And I thought it must be a typo, though the rest of the text has never made sense. This word was a mistery to me until I tried my first gyros and all of a sudden it was all clear. Besides it was love at first sight, ehm I mean bite. Unfortunatly, it is so difficult to find a good quality gyros or kebab nearby, so usually I prepare it myself. After the gorgeous Daring Cook's pita recipe I just had to make it again. Usually, I marinate the meat like the Dutch girl does (especially if I use pork), with the change, that I use fresh onion, garlic and herbs instead the powder and dried ones. This time I halved the meat and marinated it two ways in order to test it. As I love to serve it with lamb, now I tried a more simple marinade for it. Only garlic, olive oil, fresh oregano and thyme. I must say it was great that way, because the herbs supported the flavour of the lamb very well. Instead of a traditional tzatziki, I served it with a light yoghurt sauce, just because it is not cucumber season yet. But at least I found beautiful, juicy and amazingly sweet Raf tomatoes, that are in season until May. The salad? Well, that is a small "faux pas", but seasonal chicory and co. would have been too bitter.

150 ml yoghurt
150 ml kefir
2 tablespoons mixed herbs (mint, chervil, parsley)
1/4 teaspoon dried dill

cayenne or chili (optional)
salt, pepper

Chop fresh herbs and mix it with the rest of the ingredients. Season and serve.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'm drooling! The kind of dish I could eat on a weekly basis!



Raindrop said...

Ne csináld ezt velem! :)
Menten elájulok, olyan gyönyörű!

Alexandra said...

I misread the word too, all the time :)
That gyros must have been delicious.

Cherry Blossom said...

wow - das sieht lecker aus.. tolles Bild

chriesi said...

@Rosa: Oh yeah, me too. :)
@Raindrop: Köszi.
@Alexandra: That's funny!
@Cherry Blossom: Danke!

erős ildikó said...

Nagyon szeretem és nagyon ritkán eszem. Köszi, hogy eszembe juttattad, mindig olyan jó dolgokra lelek Nálad!

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