January 5, 2012

Pâte Feuilletée á la Ladurée

Nothing is easier than to grab a pack of ready made puff pastry from the store, get home and pop it into the oven topped with anything one desires. In the past I also used to do that, however I've started to make my own puff pastry already some years ago. During that time I tried a couple of different recipes, from fast puff pastry to traditional. Currently my favourite is Michel Roux's pastry, however it would be a big mistake not to try Ladurée's recipe. How it turned out? Well, I can't tell you yet, because still two turns need to be done including the resting time over night. However, its texture seems to be gorgeous, so I bet I am going to be more than happy with the result tomorrow.

500 g flour

75 g butter
250 ml water
10 g salt
400 g cold butter

 Dissolve salt in the water at room temperature. Melt 75 g of butter over low heat. Pour flour into a bowl, incorporate the salty water, then add the melted butter. Mix everything together using your fingertips, until the dough is just homogenous, be careful and do not overwork it! Place it on a clean surface and form into a 15x15 cm square and wrap it in plastic wrap. Refrigerate for 1 hour. Place 400 g of butter onto a sheet of baking paper and pound on the butter to soften in. It must have the same consistency like the dough. Form butter into a 15x15 cm square. Roll out the dough (détrempe) into a 30x30 cm square and place the butter (beurrage) in the center and fold the 4 corners of the dough into the center to completly enclose the butter. Roll out this package of dough (pâton) to a rectangle 60 cm long and then fold it in thirds. Turn dough one quarter, roll it out again and fold it in thirs. Wrap it in plastic and chill for 2 hours. Repeat the turning 2 more times, that means that you should turn the dough a total of 6 times. After the last turn chill for 2 other hours, but better over night.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wonderful! Are you going to make a frangipani pie/tart for the 6th?



chriesi said...

Yep, that's exactly the reason why I prepared the puff pastry. :))

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

I have Michel Roux's Pastry book! I haven't tried any of his recipes yet, but as soon as I squeeze this baby out (baby #3), I will try! My belly is getting in the way of rolling out dough, hahaha!

chriesi said...

Awww congratulations and all the best wishes! Roux's pastry book is a treasure!

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