April 20, 2012

Dandelion Syrup

Though I should rather call it honey, because it tastes like that and even the consistency is the same. It is real nice treat with a slice of buttered brioche. When I found the recipe last year on Robert's blog, it was already too late to try, because dandelion wasn't blooming anymore. After this week's rainy days, finally I managed to collect the flowers and to cook the syrup. Yum!

100-150 dandelion flowers
1 lemon
250 g sugar

Shake flowers so the insects can escape. Pour water over it, just enough so that it is covered and bring it to the boil. Remove any foam if necessary. Now add sliced lemond and cook until it is reduced by half. Cover and let it stand until the next day. Sieve and measure liquid. Cook dandelion liquid with sugar, half of the amount of the liquid (in my case 500 ml liquid with 250 g of sugar). Cook it over low heat until it thickens, it takes körülbelül 2 hours over 90°C. Pour it into jars and enjoy.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Oh, delicious!



Emese said...

I left you an award for you in my blog. To pick it up go to

kabamaiga said...

And it is so healthy. I give it to my children, when they start sneezing and coughing and it helps. I do it slightly in a different way. Have to try your way next year.

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