January 18, 2013

Blood orange granita

Who cares that it's actually about -6 and snow out there? Besides eating ice cream really don't depend on the weather, however granita is something for a real cold treat enthusiast. In a way it is almost like licking a piece of ice, but a lot more tasty and less cold. If ice cream is able to caress the throat with its velvety texture, then granita definetly gives it a kick. I really suggest to wear a pair of gloves when eating it, and if not, then you'll scream for it once finished. Cold or not, I had to prepare this granita, after all it is blood orange season and that colour is just breathtaking, agree? No spices in here, but boost it with some ginger, or if you like to experiment, well black pepper goes very well with it!

juice of 7 blood oranges (about 500 ml)

125 g fructose
250 ml water

Juice the oranges and pass the liquid through a fine sieve. In the meantime bring fructose with water to the boil, then pour it to the blood orange juice and mix. Let it cool completly. Pour mixture into a bowl and freeze. Whisk it up every 20-30 minutes, then cover and freeze for at least 1 more hour before serving.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Gorgeous pictures! This granity looks marvelous.



Anna Purna said...

Breathtaking photos! Wow! Recipe will make any party a hit. I always let it freeze completly and use then a bar mixer. I don't like to whisk every 20 Minutes.


chriesi said...

Thanks a lot ladies!
@Anna, yeah that works just fine too. :)

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