February 27, 2009

It supposed to be a chocolate crème brûlée...

...but my blowtorch did not work. However it was hard to resist that lovely chocolate smell, that is why I decided to serve it without the caramel. Of course I did not give up immediately to get the top caramlised and I tried it in the oven using the grill function but this was a complete disaster, and then imagine how desperate I have been, I even tried with matches! You are allowed to laugh! It was funny but of course naive to think that it would work, but one never knows, right? So after experimenting around, and ruining one portion, I simply "sold" it under the name pots de crème, because the only difference between the two desserts that in the crème brûlée there are only egg yolks, in the pots the crème one whole egg to every five egg yolks. Believe me it was totally delicious even without the caramel top!

100 g chocolate (70% cocoa)
4 egg yolks
90 g sugar
250 ml milk
250 ml heavy cream
cane sugar for the caramel top

Preheat oven to 100°C. Chop chocolate, whisk egg yolks with sugar. Heat milk and cream and bring it to boil, add chocolate and whisk until it is molten. Pour it over the egg yolk mixture
and mix well. Portion it in ramequins and bake for 45 minutes. Let it cool and leave it over night in the fridge. Sprinkle cane sugar on top and caramlize, if your blowtorch wants to.

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