February 7, 2011

Lazy Sunday

At weekends, especially Sundays I love to cook meals that do not need much preparation. I think, what I love most is when everything gets cooked in the oven and there is nothing else to do then preparing a salad or a sauce right before serving lunch. It's been a while that I had poultry in my kicthen so it was time to make roast chicken for Sunday's lunch.

Of course I did not go for that "perfect roast chicken" because then, I could not call the weekend lazy anymore. Actually, I simply roasted the chicken on vegetables. The great thing about this kind of preparation is, that you can serve those roasted vegetables as a side dish or you can easily make a sauce. In that case simply mash the vegetables with some flour add some wine, sherry or Marsala, or even Cider or Madeira, then bring it to the boil. After that you only gotta add some stock and cook it for about 15 minutes and sieve. That simply it is.

Another advantage is that you have so many possibilites to try different vegetable combinations according to your taste and what is in season. That way you can always discover a whole new world of taste. This time I served the chicken with balsamic roasted leeks and in butter sauteed carrots. The rosemary potatoes were served among a creme fraiche dip with chives, chervil, lemon juice and cayenne pepper.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That looks wonderful! I love chicken.



Faith said...

Lazy Sundays are the best. :) That looks delicious!

kitchen roach/galley roach said...

Super Fotos!

chriesi said...

@Rosa: I only had no time to take photos of the fried chicken.

@Faith: Oh yeah! :)) Thanks

@kicthen roach: Danke!

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