February 1, 2011

Pork Ribs with Garlic and Sage

It seems, that lately I am in a nostalgic mood, because I keep on cooking childhood favourites, just like today. One of them is this simple garlicy pork ribs that are best served cold the next day with fresh bread and loads of onion. So rather do not plan to go out after having these for dinner! Well, in fact this is not a childhood favourite, because I only dared to try these when I was a bit older. The reason? Well, I just hated the smell of garlic. Every time my mom peeled some I was runing around to find a place to hide, where I can't smell it anymore.

However, meanwhile I have learnt to appriciate it and finally, I have managed to buy some pork ribs, so I decided to prepare it myself, considering that meanwhile I do like garlic, well not raw but I use it a lot in many dishes.

The preparation is so easy and I have only made a tiny change, that is the addition of fresh sage. Season the meat the evening before with salt and add one clove garlic per rib. The next day heat some lard and fry ribs until they get white, then add garlic and just enough water to cover it. Cook it over low heat until half of the water has been absorbed, now add fresh sage leaves and cook for another half an hour or as long as no more water is left and the meat is tender. Now fry ribs from both sides and pour it together with the lard into a bowl and let it cool. That's it!


Faith said...

Garlic and sage is a fantastic combo! I love remaking childhood favorites too. :)

Ellie said...

I love pork ribs. I make them most in spaghetti sauce or I put a layer of stuffing between two racks and cook them with red wine. This sounds great, I am going to try it!! Thanks

chriesi said...

@Faith: Oh yes, that is great fun and it is always nice to remember.

@Ellie: Sounds great in a spaghetti sauce!

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