June 6, 2011

It's all about new potatoes

Finally, my favourite farmers' shop sells their own new potaotes and I was looking forward to that so much! The reason, why I have been waiting for that, is that they also sell tiny little potatoes, not bigger then a fingertip. Already during the weekend, new potatoes were the highlight on our table, and as my enthusiasm remain, I decided to build today's lunch around them. This time the green asparagus and the morels were only the supporting actors.

As I have had a portion of new potato stock, this time cooked and not roasted, I decided to use that as the basis for the sauce that is going to be served with the ravioli. The sauce was inspired by a
friend, but I've made a little change. In my friend's recipe he adds some cooked potatoes to thicken the sauce. In my case, after reducing the new potato stock and the cream, I have only added a chunk of butter and foamed the sauce. So the star of the plate was a new potato ravioli, but I have also prepared a green asparagus-goat cream cheese ravioli flavoured with a bit of new garlic. For the filling of the potato ravioli simply mash the cooked potatoes and mix it with a bit of rosemary flavoured brown butter and with a tiny bit of fresh nutmeg, if desired.

For the asparagus ravioli steam asparagus, then puree and stir in some goat cream cheese, season and set the spears aside for serving. In this light spring starter, the new potatoes go perfectly well with the asparagus and the morels, and the light rosemary touch of the ravioli complements the goat cream cheese just perfectly well.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

New potatoes are fabulous! A glorious dish.



Unknown said...

Foaming the reduced potato-cream stock with some butter is a great idea. The result looks gorgeous on the plate! Nice raviolis and plating ;)

chriesi said...

@Rosa: Oh yeah, I can't get enough of them!

@Beatbull: Great idea, thanks to a great recipe of yours. ;)

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