June 10, 2011

Spicy Milk Poached Cod with Morel Powder on Pea Puree with Saffron Jelly, Chicken Jus and Spring Vegetables

Yesterday, I took two plastic boxes with me for our usual mornnig walk with my dog. The plan was to collect some wild strawberries and cherries for a dessert. Not only I got home with a nice portion of wild berries, but I even collected some common wood sorrel too. The evening before I was in a creative state of mind, so I started to plan next day's lunch. Pretty fast I had everything ready and it was all written down. Except for the fish: as often I have decided at the very last moment how it is going to be prepared.

Believe it or not, but this dish is done within a couple of minutes, if you are well prepared. First of all it is good, if you have a portion of chicken jus ready, because that what makes most of the work. Therefore I have prepared this already the day before. Fresh peas cook within a few minutes and when that's ready you are free to serve! The fish was poached in spicy milk where I used Sichuan pepper, fennel seeds and coriander seeds, and made a shallot-white wine reduction with a bit of garlic, then added the milk, and kept it about 75-80°C warm.
The sour touch of the wooden sorrel harmonised just perfectly with the sweetness of the peas. The spring vegetables that I used were green asparagus, fava beans and of course peas. I coated the fish with morel powder, therefore I also served fresh morels with it. Well, I can not give you an exact recipe this time, because I did not measure the ingredents, except for the jelly. I used a reduction of fish stock, white wine flavoured with a big pinch of saffron. For 200 ml liquid use about 2,5-3 g of agar-agar. The peas were cooked in chicken stock, but before I satueed some chopped shallots in butter. When serving I ladled some pea puree onto the middle of the plate, placed the morel coated fish on the sides, garnished with the vegetables, the saffron jelly and the sorrel and nettle flowers. Ah and the chicken jus was served seperately at the table.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A wonderful dish! Your presentation always amazes me!



lisa is cooking said...

What a beautiful plate of food! The morel powder and spring vegetables sound amazing. And, now I have to try milk poaching fish.

German said...

Great photos and great dish, I will try the saffron jelly, i am pretty sure i can use in some of my spanish classic dish for a twist.

chriesi said...

@Rosa: Thank you! I am happy that you enjoy my presentations.

@lisa is cooking: Thanks so much!

@German: Thank you! It is a great idea to use the jelly as a twist in some of your Spanish dish!

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