May 10, 2012

Asparagus flan with fava beans, brown butter poached egg yolk and parmesan foam

Today it was time for something light and it is pure spring. Asparagus, fresh pea and fava beans, sorrel and chervil - everything so green! Imagine the runny egg yolk that melts together with the parmesan and the asparagus. What more do you want! There is nothing better that I could imagine during spring time. The acidity of the sorrel and the almonds give a tiny kick to the whole dish. I would suggest to use peas instead fava beans, if you have the opportunity to get some real young and tender ones, go for it!

for the flan:
200 g green asparagus
50 g fava beans or green peas
10 g butter
1 shallot
20 ml white port wine
100 ml milk
2 eggs
1 twig thyme
salt, pepper
for the parmesan foam:
100 ml heavy cream
50 g parmesan
salt, pepper
you'll also need:
1 egg yolk per person
40 g butter per egg
small sorrel leaves
sliced, roasted almonds

Cut the asparagus in 2-3 cm pieces, but set the heads aside. Sautee chopped shallot in butter, then add asparagus, peeled fava beans and port wine. As soon as the wine has absorbed add thyme leaves and cook together with the milk for 2 minutes. Puree and mash it through a strainer. Season and stir in the eggs. Pour it into buttered forms and place them into a baking pan that is filled with water. The water should reach half way up the forms. Bake for 30-35 minutes in the preheated oven over 150°C. For the parmesan foam bring cream to the boil, stir in the freshly grated parmesan and let it melt, then foam it up with a blender. For the egg yolks preaheat the oven to 70-75°C, while that melt butter, remove any foam and leave it on the stove until it gets brown. Let it cool to lukewarm and then glide the egg yolk carefully into the molten butter. Leave it for 10-13 minutes in the oven. Season before serving. Sautee asparagus in butter and season with salt and pepper. Serve the flan among the asparagus heads, sorrel, chervil and roasted almonds.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Very fancy, spring-like and beautifully presented!



Unknown said...

Nice flan and lovely presentation! I like the idea of the sorrel being the acidic fresh component, the dish kinda needs some acidity for balance and sorrel seems to be just perfect for this role.

chriesi said...

@Rosa: Merci! :)

@Robert: Thanks! I sort of knew that you'll like the sorrel in this dish.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting take on flan, but I'm sure it's delicious. Thanks for sharing!

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