May 31, 2012

Chocolate Salami

Well, nothing new here now! This is an old childhood favourite of mine and I have no clue how popular this sweet treat is in other parts of the world. All I can say that in Hungary probably every household has its own recipe. I must say, I haven't prepared this before, but today I felt so nostalgic and was pretty down. What else could have been more comforting than something from those "good old days"?!

230 g sugar
250 ml water
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
100 ml rum or as desired
75 g dark chocolate

200 g butter
250 g ground biscuit + 25-30 more broken into bigger pieces
100-150 g  ground walnut, hazelnut or almond
coarsly chopped walnut or almond
icing sugar

Bring sugar with water and cocoa to the boil. In the meantime ground the biscuits. Add diced butter and chocolate to the syrup and cook until it is melted. Add ground biscuts and just enough ground walnut so that the batter is not runny. Stir in coarsly chopped nuts and biscuits and the rum. You can also add the rum while the cooking processes, I prepfer to add it at the end because then it is more intense. Place a foil onto the working surface and form 2-3 salami. Chill for a few hours or better over night then roll into icing sugar.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Beautiful! I have never eaten this treat...



Sneh | Cook Republic said...

This is gorgeous, have never seen it before but looks lovely! Thanks for sharing, I might give this a try soon :-)

Jennifer Kendall said...

i have never heard of this before, but it looks postively gorgeous - definitely want to try!

Unknown said...

How creative...that would be such a FUN gift to give someone. And your photos are just beautiful.

MyFudo™ said...

This is something new to me...I believe it is really creative. I am gonna try the soonest. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more recipes.

chriesi said...

Thanks everyone! I am happy that you like this childhood treat of mine so much!

Debs @ The Spanish Wok said...

Our recipes for this are very similar. Not good for the hips, but delicious nontheless.

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