June 21, 2008

Black Pappardelle Gratin

This was the first time that I used black pasta. I was always afraid of it because I thought it might taste strange, however we met only once and I love it! While eating I had to think of poppy all the time. I adore poppy, however I only in desserts. How strange the mind is, the pasta is black and it makes me think of the only other black ingredient I have eaten so far. This pasta dish is fast and can be prepared hours before you want to serve it, so you only have to throw it to the oven and you can use any vegetable you have left. In my case I had zucchini and some white asparagus.

250 g black pappardelle
2 zucchini

5-6 white asparagus
50 ml white wine
30 ml vegetable stock

1 shallot
olive oil
200 g grated emmentaler
50 g freshly grated parmesan

200 g sour cream
150 g yoghurt (Greek)

1 egg
salt, pepper

Cook pasta until it is al dente. Slice veggies thin with a help of a mandoline or veggie peeler. Heat olive oil, add chopped shallot and fry it. Add veggies, stock and wine. Cook it for 1-2 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Mix sour cream, yoghurt and egg, season with salt and pepper. Butter a heat proof form and add with the veggies mixed pasta. Add the sour cream-yoghurt mixture and the grated cheese. Bake for 20-25 minutes on 200°C.

This is my entry for the Presto Pasta Nights, hosted by Hillary from Chew On That and created by Ruth from Once Upon A Feast.


Finla said...

I have to admit i have never used black pasta, maybe because i think i won't like it.
This dish with black pasta looks delicius.

We Are Never Full said...

did you homemake the black pasta or did you buy it? the black comes from, usually the ink of squid or cuttlefish. It gives it some flavor, but mostly just color. Think about green (spinach) pasta - doesn't really taste like spinach, right? this looks like a really delicious meal. Hey, if you're interested and you like poppies, try a savory dish we made recently that uses poppy seeds as a garnish for a savory pasta:

Just thought you may be interested - it's not often people write about poppy seeds in their posts!!

have a nice day.

chriesi said...

I bought the pasta this time, and have not made colored pasta myself yet, but it is on my cooking list. :)Thanks for the link! I am going to check it out right now.

Lore said...

I admit that prejudice got to me when it came to black pasta...all I need is to read more posts like yours where foodies say they like it ;)
Prejudice or not I really like that first photo!

Chef Jeena said...

The colours and flavours are fantastic together. I love any kind of baked pasta dish. :-)

Chibog in Chief said...

what a great entry for presto pasta night!! i tried one time eating black pasta , i think its with the ink's was really really good!! i love this pasta recipe very original!!

test it comm said...

That black pasta looks interesting and I like the cheesy pasta bake!

Unknown said...

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