June 25, 2008

Short Trip To Hungary

I have arrived today to Budapest and I can not wait to discover the markets and cook with those wonderful fresh vegetables. Mmm...Not to mention the beautiful fruits like deep red cherries. A big bowl of chilled cherry: the perfect summer dinner to me.


Lore said...

I believe Lina from is also in Budapest. Maybe you guys pass by each other without even knowing it :).
Cherries...I hear you!

Vida said...

How wonderful, I LOVE cherries! Vida x

SZINTIA said...

Üdv Magyarországon Chriesi!:)
Igenjó(!) idő van errefelé mostanság, Te is belecsöppentél! A ropogós, piros cseresznye nekem is az egyik kedvencem!:)

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