November 25, 2009

Herb Soup

Soup time! Altough, I am not so much a soup fan, lately I cook them often. This time I would like to share a herb soup based on sunchoke. I tend to buy an overload of herbs so there is always a lot left that need to be used before it gets yellow. It is a light and smooth soup with a delightful colour. As far as the herbs are concerned use anything you like, but be careful with herbs that have a strong flavour, for example do not add an overload of thyme. I prepared a mixture of fresh parsley, chervil, basil, sage, a bit of tarragon, rosemary and a touch of thyme.

300 g sunchokes
1 shallot
1 tablespoon butter
450 ml vegetable stock
2 handful herbs of your choice

salt, pepper

Peel and cut sunchokes and among the diced shallot stew in a bit of butter for 5-7 minutes. Add vegetable stock and cook for 15 minutes. Puree the mixture among the herbs, but do not cook it any longer! Season with salt and pepper.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A refined looking soup!



Houdini said...

Somebody told me that sunchoke, if it is what I googled, i.e. Jerusalem Artichoke or in German "Topinambur", were not tasaty, and I have an aversion without having ever eaten them, because when I asked for sweet potato seeds they sold me seed topinambur for a heap of money and not even one sprouted :-)
But your soup looks great, and the herbs made up for the taste, I guess.

Manggy said...

I'm not much of a soup person either, but I appreciate how healthy they can be, like this one obviously is :) Looks great! :)

Unknown said...

I am having doubts with that soup - green! But I guess, it is worth a try!
small house

Jessica - The Novice Chef said...

What a colorful soup! I might just have to try it out for the color alone!

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