December 4, 2009

Mascarpone Sorbet

This sorbet is the result of a box of mascarpone that has reached the last day of its shelf life two days ago. I also found a forgotten pomegranate that was extremly sour, but boosted with some sugar and Port wine it gave a nice kick to the sorbet.

500 g mascarpone
100 ml water
juice of 1/2 lemon
70 g sugar

Cook a syrup out of the water, sugar and lemon juice. Let it cool completly. Beat mascarpone to loosen it, stir in the cooled syrup and leave the rest of the work for the ice cream machine.


Raindrop said...

Annyira szép! Igazi gyöngyökké vált a gránátalma. :)
Ha nem lenne olyan mérhetetlenül drága én is többet használnám...

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Ooohhh, it looks so good



test it comm said...

I like the sound of using mascarpone in an ice cream!

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