September 29, 2010

Stinging nettle sabayon

It won't sting you while eating! No worries. Since a long while I would like to prepare something using stinging nettle. My first thought was a risotto, however I didn't have enough stock, so I decided to prepare some kind of sauce. During the morning walk with my dog, I collected a nice bunch of it, using gloves. Though, I must say while separating the leaves from the stems, I even got stinged through the gloves!

Anyway, nettle has a flavour similar to spinach. Soaking nettles in water or cooking removes the stinging chemicals from the plant, so after it is safe to eat it. I should have done that before removing the leaves... The nettle sabayon
was served among a fried fillet of sea bass, caramelized turnip, fried chanterelle mushroom and a sweet corn puree.


150 g stinging nettle
2 egg yolks
salt, pepper

Wash nettle leaves and bring it to cook among 100 ml of salted water and cook it for 1 minute. Puree, press it through a sieve and let it cool on ice. Pour the puree into a bowl and place it over a bain-marie, and add the egg yolks while stirring constantly. Beat it over low heat for 8-10 minutes or until it reaches 70°C. Season and serve.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A splendid dish and a wonderful sabayon!



Anonymous said...

witzige Beilage, anstelle von Rahmspinat.

Faith said...

I've never had stinging nettle before so I'm very curious and I would love to try it! I hope I'm able to find it around here. Your meal is lovely!

Houdini said...

Same as you. Whenever I read a recipe with Brennessel, I thought I should once try. It's free, after all. And enthusiasts say it's terriffic. Now I will!
Your nettle sabayon looks terriffic.

chriesi said...

@Rosa: Thanks!

@lamiacucina: jo stemmt :)

@Faith: Just be careful and do not get stinged! ;)

@Houdini: mir haend scho e paar sache im koche gmeinsam :) Give it a try, maybe in a risotto?

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