October 27, 2011

Pumpkin-Gorgonzola-Chestnut Ravioli on Pumpkin Puree with Brown Butter, Sage Foam and Caramelised Chestnuts

As promised here is the ravioli! I had many different versions on my mind, and believe me, it was not easy to decide for one! However, right then, when I started to roll out the pumpkin pasta dough, suddenly everything was crystal clear. In some way I wanted to include yesterday's planned gorgonzola sauce in this dish, or at least to use the cheese. So I ended up wrapping the blue cheese in the pasta, to which I've added some fresh sage leaves, just like here.

Then, I had the idea to mix some roasted chestnuts into the filling of the ravioli, where I also added some fried cubes of pumpkin. Be careful, when using the gorgonzola, and add only a little in a while, because it should not dominate the taste! That's the tricky part  I guess. So ravioli, done! What about the sauce? Originally, I wanted to cook a sage flavoured pumpkin puree, but then I separeted the sage from the puree, just to make them meet on another level. The puree is made out of oven baked pumpkin flavoured with garlic, allspice, nutmeg and brown butter, lightened with some cream.

As the sweet component of the dish, I decided to leave some roasted chestnuts whole and caramlised them with brown sugar
just before serving and flavoured it with marsala. Only one thing is missing from the photo and that is some really good quality pumpkin seed oil. Ah yeah, and the sage foam, well that is simply based on my good old recipe for basil foam, of course with a few adjustments to fit this dish.


lamiacucina said...

mit einem Ravioli wäre ich nie zufrieden ;-) Davon bitte einen Teller voll...

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Me too... I would love to have a a plateful of those gorgeous babies!



chriesi said...

@lamiacucina: das verstehe ich gut! ;)

@Rosa: I would be happy to serve you a plate!

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