December 12, 2009

Childhood food memory

Sundays. When I was a child a usual Sunday's lunch always included a rich soup with loads of vegetables and boiled meat. I remember I always prefered to eat that soup after it was a few days old, I never liked it fresh and I only took one or two spoonful and nobody could convince me to eat more. Not even with the trick saying one for mommy, one for daddy... But when this soup was warmed up the day after I could eat one bowl after the other. Sometimes my mom also prepared a garlic sauce to serve with the boiled meat and the veggies. If I started to smell garlic, I always closed the door and didn't come out for hours. I hated it. Once I got really curious and tried a bit of her sauce and I was thrilled. I wanted more and more of it. The next time she served it, I tried and thought bleee. She said it is the same sauce I loved so much the last time, and I was sure it can't be, it is ugly. I bet it she added a tiny bit too much garlic, that was what bothered me. Lately, when I was cooking a big pot of soup, I remembered that sauce, so I called mom, and asked for the recipe and prepared the next day among the boiled meat, potatoes and vegetables.While preparing it, I lost myself in childhood memories, and I messed the sauce up, because I changed the quantities of the oil and the flour. Though I was wondering, huh that can't be, so much flour and so little oil, but I didn't care much. So I had to start it all over again and at the end it tasted just like at home.

5 tablespoons oil
2 tablespoons flour
2 garlic cloves
4-5 ladle bouillon
salt, pepper

Chop galic very fine with salt. Heat oil and add flour and whisk until well mixed. Add garlic and stew for a minte or two. Pour soup over it and cook it until it has the desired consistency.
Served with boiled meat, potatoes and vegetables out of the soup. If desired sprinkle meat with some fresh horseradish.


Anonymous said...

ach das schöne Siedfleisch. So schön sah das meinige in Jugendzeiten nicht aus.

Houdini said...

Your meat looks exactly as I remember it from home, cooked by my mom, different from the one I did recently, I guess yours is beef belly, with the soft white stuff.
Thanks for the sauce recipe.

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