July 26, 2010

Artichoke and oven-dried tomato pasta

Long time no see! It is not that I stopped cooking but...Well, I could say a couple of reasons, but I rather head on to this delicious, light summer pasta dish. I've already made green pasta before, but the one full of green spots. The solution for spotless green pasta has been found long time ago in Robert's blog, but somehow it took me years to go for it. I have no idea why I have waited so long, it is easy to make and the result is amazing! So today it was the day, where I took a bunch of fresh basil and some celery leaves and extracted my first chlorophyll. While the taglierini are boiling you have perfectly enough time to prepare the rest of this dish.


3 small or 1 big artichoke per person
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 small clove garlic
50 ml dry white wine
oven or sun dried tomatoes
roasted pine nuts
salt, pepper

Prepare the artichokes and keep in lemon water until you need them. Heat olive oil, add sliced garlic, artichokes and cook in white wine until the liquid is absorbed. Fry artichoke until golden brown, add dried tomatoes and some tablespoons of oil from the tomatoes ( I used home made oven-dried tomatoes that I keep sealed in olive oil.) Season with salt (be careful because the dried tomatoes may contain a lot of salt!) and pepper. Serve with freshly grated parmesan.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A fantastic pasta dish! Good to see you back!



Anonymous said...

schön, wieder von Dir zu lesen. Dazu noch mit einem pastagericht :-)

Houdini said...

Good to have you back; as if we had agreed on it, I just came back too. Nice pasta, love their looks. Robert's recipe is quite troublesome, as I remember? Will check it out and do it.

Puszedli said...

Fantasztikus színe lett ennek a tésztának! Jó, hogy újra vagy! :)

chriesi said...

@Rosa: Thanks so much!

@lamiacucina:Danke! Ja ja es gibt neurdings sehr häufig Pasta bei uns.:)

@Houdini:What a great coincidence! No it is not troublesome at all and it doesn't take long. However I only used 50 g of leaves but still got about 2 teaspoons of chlorophyll! Go for it!

@Puszedli: Köszi! Már nagyon rég meg akartam csinálni, kár volt ennyit várni vele.

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