July 29, 2010

Raspberry mousse cake

The only good thing about this rainy and windy weather that it feels so good to stand in the kitchen and bake something, while enjoying the warmness of the oven. At the weekend I bought a lot of beautiful berries, I just can't help it, I always end up with too much. But when if not in the berry season! I decided to prepare a raspberry mousse cake with blackcurrant gelée on sablé breton, that is a nice buttery shortbread.

For the raspberry mousse:
(recipe adapted from Gordon Ramsay)
50 g sugar
1-2 tablespoons water
1 egg white

For the Italian merningue put the sugar and water in a saucepan and stir over low heat until dissolved. Boil for 5-7 minutes until it reaches 120°C. Meanwhile whisk the egg white to soft peaks and slowly add the hot syrup while whisking all the time. Keep on whisking until the bowl is not hot anymore. Set aside.

400 g raspberries
2 sheets of leaf gelatine

Soak gelatine in cold water. Soften raspberries over high heat until they start to break up. Press it through a fine sieve, reheat the purée and add the gelatine. Let it cool. Fold in the Italian meringue. Whip 200 ml cream and fold it to the mousse. Chill for 2-3 hours.

For the blackcurrant gelée:

100 g blackcurrant
2 tablespoons port wine
15 g sugar
1 gelatine leaf

Bring the blackcurrant, port wine and sugar to boil, press it through a sieve and stir in the gelatin. Let it cool for 10-15 minutes and pour it over the mousse cake after the mousse has been chilled for at least 2 hours.

For the sablé breton:
(recipe adapted from Gordon Ramsay)
112 g flour
a pinch of salt
1/2 tablespoon baking powder
80 g butter, room temperature
80 g sugar
2 egg yolks

Sift flour, salt and baking powder. Beat butter until creamy, add sugar and beat until fluffy. Beat in the egg yolks, a little at the time and fold in the sifted ingredients. Shape a log and chill for a few hours (it can also be frozen up to a month). Slice the dough and put a disc in buttered dessert ring and bake for 8-10 minutes on 180°C.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Very fresh and fruity! That cake is beautiful and looks heavenly.



Chefwanabe said...

Wow..that looks amazing, and must be very yummy too. Great picture.

Anonymous said...

Konkurrenz für Honold !

Houdini said...

De Wahn! Aber sicher auc viel Arbeit derbi. Normal machi so öppis nöd, aber hüt chömed 2 Söhn mit ihrne Partnerinne, es reizt mi! Überraschig.

chriesi said...

Thanks Rosa and Anna!

Danke Robert!

@Houdini: Na ja es gaht so, aber das isch natürli realtiv! Bi gspannt ob es machsch oder nöd, aber ACHTUNG: es isch nur 1 eiweiss i de Italian meringue, ha mi vertippt!

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