October 25, 2010

Homemade Spring Rolls

These spring rolls were born after 2 days of researching about homemade wrappers. Basically, I have found 3 ways of making these wrappers: the simplest recipe calls for a usual dough, that is rolled out very thin, but this one I didn't like and it didn't seem too authentic. The other used rice flour and was baked like a crêpe. It seemed to be easy to go for it, so I prepared a bunch, but it just wasn't crispy enough. It was time to seek for a recipe for the 3rd way: a thick wheat flour dough. To make the wrappers one has to dip one hand into the dough, then smear it quickly and smoothly on a flat frying pan. The temperature of the pan is very important, it should be medium hot. I can't tell you, how happy I was when the third wrapper turned out as it supposed to be!

300 g flour
300 ml water
150 g bean sprouts
50 g bamboo shoots
150 g white cabbage
1 carrot

spring onions or leek
soy sauce

fresh ginger

For the wrappers combine flour and water and let it stand for at least 3 hours. Beat for about 15-20 minutes or until it becomes elastic and smooth. Heat a flat frying pan over medium heat and once it is hot lower the heat slightly. Dip one hand into the dough and rub it onto the pan. See video.
For the filling slice vegetables julienne and fry in sesame oil together with freshly grated ginger for a minute, add bean sprout, some soy sauce and let it cool. Fill the wrappers with the vegetables and deep fry in oil.

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Those spring rolls look perfect and delicious!



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