October 29, 2010

Leek Coulis

Yesterday's lunch was almost a disaster. I wanted to prepare a lemon sabayon to serve with fish and broccoli puree with roasted macadamia nuts. The sabayon recipe called for egg yolks and lemon juice and zest. To be exact for 6 egg yolks and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. I thought it is not possible, that this is going to work, but as it is a recipe by one of my favourite chefs, I halved it and decided to try. As I thought, it was a disaster, but it is my fault. I have only read the ingredients, but not the recipe, where it also says to add some water. Though, I should have came to the idea of adding some liquid anyway. So quickly, I had to look for another sauce, and as I liked to idea of leek, I looked for a sauce with leek and found Roux's leek coulis with saffron. In some way I also wanted to use lemon in the dish so i made some candied slices of lemon and served it on top of the fried fish. By the way the fish this time is a Coregonus species, that are known as whitefishes.


(recipe adapted from Michel Roux)
200 g leeks, white part only
25 g butter
150 ml chicken or vegetable stock
1 pinch of saffron
150 ml cream
1/2 teaspoon dill
salt, pepper

Half and wash the leeks, then slice them finely. Bring water to the boil and blanch it for 2 minutes. Melt butter and sweat leek over low heat for 10 minutes. Add stock, saffron and cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes. Add cream and cook for another 5 minutes. Whiz mixture then strain through a sieve, season with salt and pepper and add dill just before serving.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Surely delicious! A great pairing.



Faith said...

Great way to save lunch! The leek coulis sounds fantastic!

Anonymous said...

der coulis hat die Farbe schön behalten, die sonst bei Lauch rasch graubraun wird.

kitchen roach/galley roach said...

looks really delicious. but what means whiz? Am I do long in the woods already?

kitchen roach/galley roach said...

I long - not do long..obwohl es auch Sinn macht, oder? ;)

Katerina said...

Sometimes from a disaster something good comes up. Perhaps the kitchen elves as I call them led you to this leek coulis which looks very tasty.

chriesi said...

@Rosa: Merci.

@Faith: It was the fastest way to save it.

@lamiacucina: Auch wegen dem Saffran!

@kitchen roach: Ich meinte pürieren.

@Katerina: Yeah could be. :)

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