July 4, 2008

Holy Crêpes!

After a bit more than 12 hours of sitting in the train to Budapest I was more than happy to arrive. My mom knows that I am a crêpe freak so she prepared a big bunch of palacsinta for me. Mmm irresistible with three kinds of home made jam: strawberry, sour cherry and apricot.

Of course the one with quark filling must not be missed.

It was so hot over there that we hardly ever cooked anything. Mostly chilled cherries and sour cherries were my lunch and also dinner. However my mom cooked my favourite yellow bean soup and I prepared curd
cheese dumplings as main course after the soup. Now I would like to share this Hungarian túrógombóc recipe.

250 g curd cheese
2 eggs
100 ml durum wheat
1 pinch of salt

8 g vanilla sugar
coconut flakes
grated hazelnut

Mix curd cheese, eggs, wheat groat, salt and vanilla sugar together and set aside for at least half a day. Form dumplings with wet hand and cook in salted water for about 5 minutes. Roll in coconut flakes and hazelnut.

Normally this dessert is served with sweetened sour cream and the dumplings are rolled in fried breadcrumbs. I prepared a strawberry-raspberry sauce based on caramelised strawberries, dry red wine, flavoured with coriander, a pinch of cinnamon, and pepper.


Vida said...

I LOVE pancakes, my favourite jams are rosehip, black plum, apricot and cherry - now I also love raspberry too... YUM, you have a great mum!!! Vida x

Millie said...

Zseniális a túrógombóc variációd! A durumliszt helyett lehet dara is?

chriesi said...

Igen persze!

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