August 2, 2008


Being a foodie without a camera has only one advantage: you start cooking things that you have already posted! Yeah isn't rare that a foodie cooks twice the same dish in a month? Being honest, it does not happen very often to me,because if you check out all those tempting dishes in the blog sphere, you get in a conflict! What should you try as first? All of us has long, very long to cook lists. Agree? You always discover a new ingredient, a dish from a different culture, something you hated as a child, but now want to give it a chance and so on and on and on. And if the family has a request for something "long time have not been eaten", well sure you cook it for them, maybe with a tiny twist, just to have a little difference. After all, you get somewhat addicted and eager to post as often as possible. You spend hours reading other blogs, cookbooks. Not to mention that one starts to buy only one plate or one glass or... only for a single new post. On the other side, too many ideas may also have the opposite effect. Too many options: no way to decide, you want it all and now. Well all I wanted these days is a camera, and finally I got it! I missed taking photos a lot, and not only food realted ones. Today I discovered some villages quite near, where many farmers sell there goodies or you can pick by yourself. I can not wait to go back again and pick some green beans! Look at this beautiful bread which I today bought from a farmer!

As I missed the raspberry season, well not really, but it was so totally expensive so that I decided not to prepare jam, instead I bought a beautiful glass today, together with a bottle of elderberry syrup, made by the same farmer. Writing about jams, this year my mom and me cooked a huge amount of apricot, morello cherry and strawberry jam.

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Lore said...

Good to see you're back! And yes, I agree, I have a long waiting cooking list and so little time...

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