August 22, 2008

Taglierini con salsa di noci

Finally I own a pasta machine so nothing can stop me from preparing fresh pasta! I made fresh pasta already before for a lasagne al forno, but in no way it is possible to roll out the dough as thin as it is, when using a machine.

In the blog of lamiacucina I discovered an interesting pasta sauce containing walnuts, pine nuts, parmesan, pecorino, butter, basil, garlic, heavy cream and olive oil. The recipe is really simple: roast nuts and blend everything together. It is a really delicous pasta dish...just do not think about the calories while eating.

For the taglierini I used 300 g flour, 3 eggs and 3 egg yolks. Make a hole in the middle of the flour, add eggs one by one and whisk all in with a help of a fork. When the dough is getting viscous knead it with your hands until smooth. Set it aside to the fridge for 30 to 50 minutes.


Marysol said...

Oh, you're going to love your new pasta machine! I was afraid I'd use mine once and put it away, but years later, I'm still putting it to work. Enjoy your new toy.

And I may not know how to pronounce the name of your delicious-looking pasta dish, but thankfully, I don't have to; I would much rather eat it [G]

Chibog in Chief said...

I was thinking of buying one...this pasta sounds delicious! love the addition of nuts on the sauce

Anonymous said...

Di wirst sehen, die Maschine ist neben Kochtöpfen bald das wichtigste Gerät in der Küche :-)

Unknown said...

Those pasta items are very very useful to our health.Especially basil and garlic.I have not familiar with this recipe before but now i became crazy to cook it and love to have it with my lunch.But 1 thing is that this pasta looks loathing.

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