August 11, 2008

No, this is not sushi!

It was already late in the evening and I wanted to fall asleep, when suddenly I have seen this dish in front of my eyes. I had no idea what to cook the next day, so I was more than happy about this unexpected inspiration. I was not sure if it is going to work out: a piece of pork filled with spinach, fried, after covered with a slice of goat cheese and sesame seeds. I was worried that the cheese going to melt and the dish will be ruined. Because the meat part of the dish was a risk I decided to serve it with something simple like mashed potatoes, but to make it more decorative I roasted slices of potato with some parmesan and piped the mashed potatoes between the slices. The whole thing needed a sauce for that I have no recipe because it was completly improvised and delicious: a bottle of red wine, chicken stock, herbs, mustard and some heavy cream.

8 slices pork cutlet
300 g spinach
piece of leek
chicken stock
salt, pepper, nutmeg
8 slices goat cheese

black and white sesame
2 eggs

Heat oil, fry leek for a minute. Add spinach and stock and let it reduce. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Fill pork and fry until ready, let it cool. Cover each roll with a sliece of cheese, flour, egg and sesame. Fry in oil while turning it often.


Lore said...

Love you kake sushi better than the original :)

SZINTIA said...

Chriesi, ez az étel első osztályú!
Nagyon ügyes vagy!:)

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