August 11, 2008

Say cheese!

Yesterday we made a trip to Glarus. The Canton of Glarus is a canton in east central Switzerland. The capital is Glarus. There are 25 municipalities in the canton.

The canton of Glarus is dominated by the deep valley of the Linth River. Most of the area is mountainous.

The highest peak in the Glarus Alps is the Tödi with 3614m. Other mountains include the Hausstock (3158m) and the Glärnisch (2910m). The history of this canton is dominated by religion. The inhabitants of the Linth Valley were converted to Christianity in the 6th century by the Irish monk Saint Fridolin, who is still featured in the coat of arms of the canton today. He founded Säckingen Abbey near Basel. From the 9th century, the area around Glarus was owned by the abbey. By 1288 the Habsburgs, bit by bit, claimed all the abbey's rights. This resulted in the people of Glarus joining the Swiss Confederation in 1352. (source:wikipedia)

On the way up the mountains you find sings showing the way to the cheese paradise, where farmers sell their selfmade Alp cheese. Of course one may not get back home without a tasty
piece of cheese.

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