May 12, 2008


We have wonderful weather today and it was so tempting to go out, that we decided to go to a nearby forest and roast some sausages over fire. The timing was perfect because the plan was to bake my birthday cake for tomorrow, so there was no need to cook for lunch. We roasted on a wood spit some swiss cervelat sausages. For this type of preparation we cut the ends of the sausages, that is a traditonal Swiss manner.

That is how we found the fireplace.

Yeah it is burning, let's roast!

The cutie on the bottom of the photo stole one of the cervelats. Well it would have anyway been hers...


test it comm said...

It has been too long since I last did octopus hot dogs over a camp fire! It sounds like fun.

Millie said...

Jól néznek ki! És a rebarbaráért is irigyellek! Hamarosan beszerzek én is egy adagot, és nekiállok sütni.

Amy J. said...

OK, that looks like too much fun. A nice peaceful meal!

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