May 16, 2008

King Prawn - Mission 1.02

Tropical shrimps, both farmed and wild caught.

Coldwater shrimps.

As I have already mentioned in a previous post, I am not a seafood fan, but this recepie, that I created today was so delicous! I am surprised and can not wait to prepare it again. I am really thrilled! Now I have to write it down fast, before I forget it. I fried half of the patties without flour, and half with. I think the only difference is that without they look more delcious, I just was not sure if without flour they would fall apart or not. But it worked out!

250 g prawns
1 shallot
2 celery stalks
1 piece of fresh chili
1 piece of fresh ginger
juice of 1 lime
100 g coarsly grated almond
5 drops dark sesame oil
1 egg

Chop shallot, celery stalks, prawns, chili. Add grated ginger, lime juice, almond, sesame oil and egg. Whisk all together, add a tablespoon flour if you do not feel comfortable without. Fry patties in oil. I served it with a mixture of sour cream and mustard.

By the way, this month is one old recepie of mine is online on Culinary Seductions!


Millie said...

Mindenképpen kipróbálom!

test it comm said...

I did not like seafood when I was younger either. Now I am really enjoying it. The prawn patties sound good.

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