June 16, 2008

Elderflower&Portwein Zabaglione On Mango - Culinarty Round-Up

There is a brand new event launched by Lore from Culinarity called Culinarity Round up. The theme is to create a recipe, anything, main thing it is created by oneself.

I wanted to prepare something sweet this afternoon, however I had no lust to bake or such. But I was keen to eat something sweet, and as I had a beautiful thai mango so I thought it is going to be my starting point. Hmmm mango sorbet? no way to puree this beauty! mango cake? nah no mind to bake! mango tart? haha wanna do some magic and get a puff pastry out of nowhere in a minute?! Then I remembered my zabaglione with wild strawberries and I thought well let's try if it is possible to make a zabaglione with elderflower syrup and no other sugar. Last week I made some elderflower syrup using a lot of sugar so that I get a nice and thick version, and it was a success! Great, I thought let's try! I confess, I did not trust only the syrup so I added some home made vanilla sugar. First I wanted to add sherry but after I saw that there is some port wein left and I used that. Here is the result...

1 egg yolk
4 tablespoon elderflower syrup

1/2 tablespoon vanilla sugar
70 ml port wein

Whisk vanilla sugar, elderflower syrup and egg yolks together, add wine. Whisk over steam for 10-15 minutes and serve with fruits.

At the begining I had no plan with this improvisation from today afternoon, however I think it is really yummy that is why I submit it to this event.
I was surprised that you can taste both as well as the port wein and the elderflower syrup. I was afraid that only one will dominate but they harmonise very nice. It is a short recipe, fast and light for a summer dinner.


Deborah said...

This recipe uses ingredients that I have never used before - and it sounds wonderful! I'm horrible at coming up with my own recipes, so I'm really impressed!

Lore said...

Yummy! I love Porto so much and how great that the flavours don't overpower each other.
Thanks for your entry Chriesi :)

linda said...

Lovely combination, sounds and looks delicious! I should use elderflower syrup, I bought some whilst on vacation in Denmark.

Marysol said...

Chriesi, that looks so wonderful that I'll soon be on a quest for elderflower syrup.
Ialso like the fact that you used vanilla sugar -that- I have plenty of, and love to use it, in everything.

Chibog in Chief said...

what a great and delicious entry!!!

Ben said...

Oh that looks so good. Anything mango is a perfect dish for me.

Dragon said...

What an unsual and delicious sounding combination. It looks lovely.

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