June 13, 2008

Strawberry Sparkling Wine &Chilli White Chocolate Truffles

The last evening while sipping a little of the strawberry sparkling wine, I had the idea to prepare some truffles. I have never made any myself, it always seemed like a huge mountain and I did not dare to start climbing. I do not know if the glass of wine helped a bit or simply I was eager enough to prepare my first ever white truffles. Anyway I do not drink alcohol often, maybe once in a while some good red wine with some nice dish or a bier on a concert but defintely it is not my cup of tea. Anyway back to the chocolate. I have a huge stock of white chocolate since the Opera Cake DB Challenge, so I thought it is okay even if I screw it up. Surprisingly my trial was a success. I would not say they are perfect but okay and yummy. I did not dare to coat them with time.

80 g butter
80 g powder sugar
325 g white chocolate
100 ml strawberry sparkling wine (or any other)

dried chilli flakes
powder sugar and cocoa for coating

Whisk butter and powder sugar with a mixer until frothy while melting chocolate over steam.
Stir in molten chocolate with the help of the mixer. Add wine and chilli flakes and mix until it gets thick enough to inject small portions on a baking sheet. Let it cool for some hours. After form balls and coat with powder sugar and cocoa.


Chibog in Chief said...

I smell big celebration with this entry post, imagine strawberry sparkling wine and chili white chocolate truffles!! they sound really awesome!!!

btw, its true your born on a friday the!!! i wonder if your mom had a difficult time during her labor :-) hehehe

Lore said...

Did someone said chocolate and strawberries? :D. Love the idea of a fruity wine dessert and I'm sure these were great!

Deeba PAB said...

May I drop by? How exotic & pretty these are Chreisi!! Happy birthday girl!

Angelica said...

Ooh, lovely truffles!

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