September 28, 2009

Cookie instead crumbs

I promised this recipe months ago, when I prepared a raspberry sorbet and served it with some pumpkin seed cookie crumbs. Now here is the recipe for the cookie, this time served as a mint ice cream sandwich with warm chocolate sauce.

100 g ground pumpkin seed
150 g cold butter
200 g flour
50 g sugar
2 egg yolks

Mix all ingredients together and knead a dough. Let it stand 30 minutes in the fridge. Roll out and give it the shape you desire. Bake for 5-7 minutes on 180°C.


nicole said...

Oohhh... that looks good. I've never had pumpkin and mint together.

Manggy said...

Very nice plating Chriesi- how elegant! :)

Shari said...

That is such an interesting recipe! Thanks for sharing! I would love to have a bite!

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