May 30, 2011

Double Concentrated Rabbit Consommé with Swiss Chard Rolls and Tarragon Foam

Time is running so fast and I have been pretty busy lately. Last Thursday, I received an order for two birthday cakes and therefore I spent almost the next whole day with baking. I decided to make two hemispheres with a layer of vanilla pastry cream with fresh strawberry slices, the next layer was a white chocolate strawberry mousse and the whole thing was topped with a layer of heavy cream mousse. I have finished the cakes early Saturday morning. Anyway, now I here with a light soup served with beautiful spring vegetables like sugar peas and swiss chard. I am talking about a double concentrated rabbit consommé served together with a rabbit fillet-swiss chard roll.

2 kg rabbit bones
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 carrots
2 parsley roots
2 onions
1 garlic clove
200 ml madeira
1 bunch fresh tarragon
100 g rabbit fillet
3-4 tablespoons double cream
1-2 tablespoons madeira
1 teaspoon fresh tarragon
2 big swiss chard leaves
2 asparagus
sugar pea
1 shallot
1 tablespoon butter
50 ml white wine
200 ml rabbit stock
100 ml cream
1/2 bunch of fresh tarragon
50 g butter
só, bors

Fry bones in olive oil until golden brown. Add chopped veggies, garlic clove and fry until it browns, add madeira and reduce. Pour just enough water so that it is covered and cook it over low heat for about 4 hours. Sieve. Do the same with the rest of the bones, madeira and then pour the previously made stock over it and cook it for another 2 hours over low heat. Season with salt and pepper, sieve and filter. Add tarragon and let it stand for about a half an hour, then remove the tarragon. For the rolls puree rabbit with madeira, double cream and tarragon. Cook swiss chard leaf for about 30 seconds in hot water, then place it onto a foil
and smear rabbit puree on top, put a peeled asparagus into the middle and roll it out. Poach swiss chard rolls in simmering water for 15-20 minutes. For the tarragon foam sautee onion in butter, add white wine, stock and cream and reduce by third. Add tarragon, puree, sieve then add the butter and mix it until it gets nice and foamy.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Mindblowing, as always!



Anonymous said...

von diesem guten Consommé darf ruhig etwas mehr geschöpft werden, so dass man den Tellerboden nicht sieht :-)

chriesi said...

@Rosa: Thank you so much!

@lamiacucina: nach dem fotographieren gern. ;)

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