May 19, 2011

Sichuan Pepper Smoked Cod with Ginger Flavoured Cucumber Sorbet on Black Sesame Milk

Well, I have been planning this light, asian inspiried starter for about a week, and finally yesterday I felt like preparing it. There is a tiny detail missing in the title of the dish! Under the roasted sesame seeds on top of the fish there is a thin layer of reduced lemongrass and soy sauce flavoured fish stock.

The spicy fish was accompanied by a refreshing cucumber sorbet and black sesame milk, and the whole dish was topped with rice chips. By the way it is very easy to prepare the rice chips. All you have to do is to cook rice then puree it and smear it on a baking paper in the desired shape and dry it for about an hour on 90-100
°C. The only flaw of the whole thing is that I had very little light, so the photos turned out much too dark.

2 medium sized cucumber
2 tablespoons invert sugar
4 tablespoons waster
1 gelatine sheet
1 limes
piece of ginger

Cut cucumbers in half, deseed and cut in slices, then puree. Press puree through a sieve and soak gelatine in cold water. Cook a syrup out of the invert sugar with the water, then stir in the gelatine, lime juice, zest and grated ginger. Season with a little salt and pour the mixture into the ice cream maker.

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A beautiful dish! Those are refined flavors.



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